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Experts in recruiting patients and running clinical trials - an exemplar SMO model

"We are a team of experienced clinical trial specialists who have held very senior roles in organisations which have pioneered the recruitment and running of clincial trials across the world."

Dr. Ian Smith

Founder of Synexus & Co-Founder of Panthera Biopartners

Our dedicated Panthera clinical trial sites located across the UK.

We have a huge reach in Britain's highest populated cities:

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Clinical Trials News: July 2023

Panthera finds quality patients fast  Since its launch in 2019 Panthera has concentrated on building access to patients. Today Panthera has not only access to the largest qualified patient pool in the UK – NHS or SMO – but has also built a network of GP practices including some of the leading mega GP practices providing

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Panthera contributes to Lord O’Shaughnessy’s independent review into UK clinical trials

Lord James O’Shaughnessy, former Health Minister, has been appointed by the UK government to conduct an independent review of the country’s commercial clinical trials landscape. The review will advise on how to resolve key challenges in conducting commercial clinical trials and ensure that the UK remains a global leader in the field. Lord O’Shaughnessy’s advice is expected to be published this spring.

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Responsible Growth Priorities And The Hybridized Trial Of The Future.

Dr Ian Smith (Co-founder, Director and Chief Medical Officer) and Chris Dodd (Chief Commercial Officer) recently spoke to Jo Shorthouse at In Vivo to discuss the practicalities and reality of running clinical trial sites as a business, the efficiencies found with the SMO model, the challenge of patient recruitment as well as the decentralized and hybridized trial model. To listen to the

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