Sweden Sites

Sweden Sites

Coming Soon

Panthera will be expanding our network of clinical trial sites with new facilities in Sweden. Stay tuned for more information!

Panthera Clinical Trial Facilities in Sweden

Panthera clinical trial sites are designed to welcome patients to a top class experience with tremendous accessibility, comfortable surroundings and dedicated time with doctors and nurses to ensure patients fully engage in the studies and are compliant with the long-term trial needs.

Sites are fitted with dedicated sample processing laboratories to ensure all trial processes are managed by fully qualified technical staff. We also ensure customer representatives are properly facilitated with dedicated space for monitoring and access to key staff and documentation as needed.

Panthera can today find hundreds of patients and immediately run a clinical trial. By early next year Panthera will be able to find thousands of patients and run clinical trials across several major sites. All the professional staff at all Panthera sites are GCP trained, and have considerable experience in the running of clinical trials and providing timely, accurate data.