Clinical Trials News: July 2023

Panthera finds quality patients fast 

Since its launch in 2019 Panthera has concentrated on building access to patients. Today Panthera has not only access to the largest qualified patient pool in the UK – NHS or SMO – but has also built a network of GP practices including some of the leading mega GP practices providing access to more than three million patients across the UK.

The results speak for themselves.


First enrolled

Top Recruiter

Lp(a) Cardiovascular outcome trial



Osteoarthritis trial



COPD exacerbations trial 1



Cardiovascular outcome trial



Flu vaccine trial



NASH treatment trial 1



NASH treatment trial 2



COVID booster vaccine trial


Currently enrolling

COPD exacerbations trial 2



Migraine prevention trial 1



Migraine prevention trial 2



Qualified patients
Panthera has a large number of pre-qualified patients prior to starting each study by:

  • Researching the database of all patients who have positively interacted with Panthera (over a million)
  • On initial agreement – even before the study details are agreed:
    • Panthera, with its GP partners, starts to build a database of relevant patients
    • Starts a social media outreach campaign

This means that Panthera, when given the green light to start randomisation, already has thousands of patients ready to enrol.

The graphic below illustrates how quickly Panthera is able to start a study in comparison with the public sector. On average, most contract details are finalised within 30 days, in contrast to the average 3-6 months required by UK NHS sites.

Quality patients

It is no good having thousands of patients unless they are good-quality candidates.
What we mean by good quality:

  • Fit the protocol – The patients must be rigorously screened to ensure they fit the protocol – no exceptions.
  • Geography – The journey to the Panthera clinic must be an easy one. Even more important for longer-term studies and where studies require many visits.
  • Willing – Panthera does not hard sell potential patients. We only qualify those patients who are willing and even eager to take part.
  • Family involvement – Ensure that the patient is supported by their immediate family.

Panthera has a huge pool of patients by partnering with hundreds of GPs, including mega practices with over 100,000 patients per site/practice.


It is very important, both from a cost and time perspective, that the randomised patients stay on the trial. Panthera has a retention rate of over 95%.

Panthera supports patients.

  • Courtesy – we bend over backwards to help patients.
  • Reminders – we provide reminders to patients in a way that suits them – by email, phone, text, letter.
  • Prompt reimbursement – Agreed expenses are paid promptly.
  • Comfortable premises – Comfortable chairs, provision of drinks and snacks.

Opportunity to discuss other health issues – We ensure that the patients on a trial have the opportunity to discuss any other health concerns. If there is something of note, we refer them to their GP and send a note to the GP outlining our concerns.

Panthera Dinners

Our most recent dinner took place at the Royal Society of Medicine on the 12th June where Professor Sir Jonathan Van Tam, former Deputy Chief Medical Officer and key provider of independent advice to the Government during the Covid-19 pandemic, joined us as guest speaker.

This was one of our most popular dinners and spaces filled up quickly. It was an enlightening evening. We received a great deal of positive feedback from our guests saying how informative the evening was.

Our next dinner will take place on 13th September 2023 with guest speaker Professor Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University and former President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, joining us as guest speaker. Sir Bell co-developed and wrote both 2017 UK Life Sciences Industrial Strategy and 2021 Life Sciences Vision providing recommendations to HM Government on ensuring the long-term success of the life sciences sector.

We also have the following guest speakers confirmed:

November 2023

Lord James O’Shaughnessy

Recently commissioned by the Government to undertake a review into commercial clinical trials in the UK – you can view the final report HERE

February 2024

George Freeman MP

Minister of State in the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology

We will be in touch with further details about the dinners.

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