Oncology Trials

Clinical Trials at the Rutherford

Panthera Biopartners are working in collaboration with the Rutherford Cancer Centres to help oncology patients access opportunities to take part in clinical trials.

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Panthera are working together with the Rutherford Cancer Centres, to provide an all-encompassing cancer clinical research service for patients, with an exceptional level of individual patient care. The Rutherford Cancer Centres are the only UK network of centres to offer high-quality diagnostic imaging and the latest in advanced cancer treatments including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy and proton beam therapy, alongside a range of supportive care services.

Panthera are an independent organisation run by a world-class team of experts and run clinical trials on behalf of clinical research organisations and pharmaceutical companies across multiple therapeutic areas. Our focus is on accelerating clinical breakthrough and ensuring the best experience and environment for patients taking part in clinical research.

The Rutherford Cancer Centres and Panthera Biopartners have come together to form a new partnership called [email protected] It is well known that organisations providing research opportunities for patients have improved patient outcomes. This collaboration ensures that all cancer patients have the chance to hear about and participate in clinical research and trials which may be suitable for them.

Clinical trials at the Rutherford

The [email protected] collaboration ensures that our cancer patients have the opportunity to hear about and participate in clinical trials which may be suitable for them. With patients being supported and cared for in our high-quality facilities by expert research and clinical staff.

To find out more about our amazing state of the art Cancer Centres please visit https://www.therutherford.com/contact/

Contact [email protected] to find out more about how we can support you to accelerate patient recruitment in cancer research by providing your details on our contact us page here